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The Coastal Explorer Bundle is such a fun way to get your toddler involved in Fizzy Potion Play. Simply use water in an eye dropper of on a spoon to extend those fine motor skills for your toddler!

Included in the bundle is the Ocean Blue Saltwater Fizz and a Mini Transport cutter set! It's also a great birthday bundle for toddlers!


If you are looking to level up this bundle why not add in one of our Ocean Saltwater Foam tubs or a tub of Fizzy Moon Sand!


How To Play

Just add water!! That’s it!

Fizz is the most wonderful sensory experience. When you drop it in a bowl of water it will explode into bubbles, or you can slowly add spoons of water for a longer fizzy play.

Use our fizz in your mud kitchen, add leaves, twigs and flowers or whatever you can forage from your garden and make your own potion magic, bottle it up to keep your potions magic active.

Grab a tray and some eco cutters, put a little fizz inside and use droppers to make the shapes fizzle



What’s In It?

We use all natural, food grade ingredients in our fizz with colours from nature such as food powders.



Recommended for ages 3 years and up and children who are unlikely to put things in their mouths.

Please use adult supervision, especially around water play.

Our fizz might look and smell amazing and made from natural ingredients but please to not eat.

Some colours may transfer when they are wet. Please be mindful of your nice clothes.

Wash hands after use to reduce any irritation that might occur from the natural ingredients.

Our fizz is safe to discard in your garden.


Fizz has a storage life of approximately 6-12 months if stored correctly.

Please keep your fizz in its original packaging and stored in a cool dark place away from excessive heat and moisture.

This will prolong the life of your fizz.

Coastal Explorer Bundle

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