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Moon Sand with a surprising fizz explosion! Moon sand is such a fun sensory base and we use it all the time during our weekly playgroup sessions!

You can mould it, crumble it, run your fingers through it, its soft and oh so smooth on your hands and it smells divine!



When you are finished with your dry moon sand play, grab your giant droppers and some vinegar and watch it explode into a mass of bubbles! 

Your little one is going to have the best fun with this one (and your going to want to join in the fun too, trust me!)

If you're not into using it all up at once, add small amounts of our fizzy moon sand to any of your potion making plays or add it to your sensory play table and add small spoons of vinegar


Always use adult supervision

Not suitable for children under the age of 3

we do not recommend eating your potions

colouring is food based

contains baby oil


Comes in a 550ml Reusable plastic jar

Fizzy Moon Sand

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