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Introducing the Mini Farm Eco Cutter Set, a delightful addition to your child's sensory play collection. This set of 6 eco-friendly cutters by Kinfolk Pantry features shapes inspired by life on the farm, including a barn, tractor, cow, pig, sheep, and chicken.


Made from sustainable materials, these cutters are safe for little hands to use and easy to clean for endless sensory play fun. The Mini Farm Eco Cutter Set encourages creativity and imagination as children explore textures and patterns through cutting, molding, and shaping. Add a touch of nature to your child's playtime with this charming and educational set.


How to clean: Use a dry cloth to wipe off any remaining dough.

Durability: To prolong the life of your biodegradable dough cutters avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or moisture.

Store them in a cool, dry place when not in use and don't forget, they will wear faster than traditional plastics. Being eco-friendly, they will age as everything is supposed to, and leave little behind.

 Set Includes:

1 x Barn Eco Cutter

1 x Tractor Eco Cutter

1 x Sheep Eco Cutter

1 x Cow Eco Cutter

1 x Pig Eco Cutter

1 x Chicken Eco Cutter

Mini Farm Eco Cutter Set

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