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Twiggy Spoon ©


Meet Twiggy the baby sister of the Twig Spoon, this mini version measures just 10cm in length and is equivalent to a 1/2 teaspoon. The second photo shows the size comparison to orginal twig spoon.


Carved to resemble a delicate twig, this enchanting spoon adds a touch of wonder to your child's sensory play and potion-making adventures. Whether it's for stirring magical potions, creating culinary masterpieces in the play kitchen, or simply exploring the textures of different materials, Twiggy spoon is a versatile tool for endless imaginative play. Its natural look and feel stimulate sensory exploration, fostering creativity and curiosity.


Our wooden items have been handcrafted and are waxed with food-grade bee's wax. To keep your wood looking its best:

  • Do not leave submerged in water - a dunk and play is ok
  • Dry with a tea towel after getting wet
  • Then keep it beautiful with a rub of bee's wax or vegetable oil into the wood to avoid the fibres lifting.
  • Only use mild dishwashing detergent if needed
  • Never put wood in the dishwasher

Mini Twig Spoon (Twiggy)

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