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Introducing the Pets Eco Cutter Set, a delightful addition to your sensory play collection. This set includes 5 animal-shaped cutters, perfect for creating sensory materials such as playdough or kinetic sand.

Made from eco-friendly materials by the renowned Kinfolk Pantry, you can feel good about choosing a sustainable option for your sensory play needs. Crafted with smooth edges and durable construction, these pet-shaped cutters are safe for children to use and easy to clean. Watch as your little ones explore their creativity and fine motor skills while using these adorable animal shapes to mold and craft their own sensory creations. Bring joy and eco-consciousness to your sensory play with the Pets Eco Cutter Set from Kinfolk Pantry.


Set Includes:

Set Includes

1 x Cat Eco Cutter

1 x Dog Eco Cutter

1 x Bird Eco Cutter

1 x Rabbit Eco Cutter

1 x Fish Eco Cutter

Pets Eco Cutter Set

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